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Hungry Skinny

Alright, get ready for some head-bobbing tunes from this San Francisco native rock n' roll group. Hungry Skinny is one of those completely underrated gems that you stumble across and fall instantly in love with. Comprised of four energetic guys; Ty Thorpe on drums; Remy Vale, guitar; Sean Paulhus, bass, vocals; and Garrett Riley, guitar and vocals, this group will rock your socks off.

Let's start off with the upbeat track from their first full length album released in 2015, titled 'John Wayne's Teeth.' I find it hard to believe that anyone with ears could hear this track and successfully fight the urge to move along with the rhythm. With catchy guitar riffs, a swift drum beat, and then, freaking horns, it has quickly become a frequent go-to of mine when looking for a pick me up.

Before releasing the full album, they put out 'Hot Dang' as a single. Remember those younger days of songs that made you feel as carefree and rebellious as you were? This will take you back there. And it doesn't stop there. On the same album we have 'Jelly Bean Boogie,' 'Dirty Magazines,' and if you want something with a little more emotion, 'So Confused.' It's hard to even choose the hardest hits from the album because really, they're all pretty damn great.

These guys seem to truly understand how to entertain. Simply put, every song is a great time. Riley's vocals are the cherry on top of their timeless, classic rock influenced music. Aside from the uniqueness of his voice, he seems to put no restrictions on the way he belts the catchy lyrics, which is something we don't hear too often anymore. It's unpredictable in the best way.

Last month they released their second full length album, titled 'Instant Generation.' I don't want to sound like a broken record, but you would be hard pressed to find a track on this album that just isn't really that enjoyable. 'Killer Whales' seems to be a favorite based on their Spotify plays but I'm pretty enthralled with 'Little River' in particular. It's one of those hits that flows so well it seems to just makes sense.

The best part is, this group not only makes you want to move, they are constantly on the move themselves. Follow them on social media and check out their upcoming shows because they are likely coming to a city near you in the not too distant future. Seriously, check them out. You can find all of my Hungry Skinny favorites on my Top Picks page.


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