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LORD VOX - Debut EP Review (Exclusive*Pre-Release)

Imagine for a moment… that you’re floating out in open space, among the flaming rocks you see sparkling each night in the vast blackness, surrounded by all of it’s deep curiosity and wonder as you’re looking down at the ball of water and dirt that we call earth. While you may feel a little uncertain, or maybe even a little uneasy because it’s a new place in relative time; a place you haven’t been before-- far away from the physical world you know-- there’s also a rushing sense of euphoria and wild freedom that takes over you.

This is not (as some may be presuming) a subtle attempt at hypnosis … it is in fact, an accurate description of what the majestic sounds created by Lord Vox on their self-titled EP feel like.

(Fernando Garcia - Drums, Nahum Reyes - Vocals/Guitar, Alan Orellana - Bass)

Hailing from the foggy mountains of Salt Lake City, this trio (formed in 2016) is paving the way for the trance-like genre of mystical psychedelic rock. Like a cool breath of chilling icy essence that has been translated through the classic beauty of rock n’ roll, Lord Vox brings a unique, one-of-a-kind experience to all of your senses. Before now, the only way to access these incredible tunes was by attending a live show, but that is all about to change…

This darkly wonderful debut album will be available on March 14th for streaming on all digital platforms, with a killer show the same night to celebrate the release at The Urban Lounge (with special guests: Say Hey & Cupidcome).

Consisting of 5 total tracks, this long-awaited EP kicks off with a bit of a slower, eerie-sounding tune titled ‘Sonic Load’, and we can’t think of a better way to set the mood and ease into the 4th dimensional ride the rest of the album takes you on. Dripping in dreamy fuzz tones and powerful emotion, their deep and spacey style flows intentionally and passionately, yet somehow leaves you shivering. This song is melodic in such a “dip your toes in” type of way with it’s somber undertones that spark a perfect sense of curiosity and glide you effortlessly into the next track.

“The motivation to get going on this came from wanting to have something that more people can listen to outside of our live shows.” Says Nahum of Lord Vox (vocals & guitar).

“We are ready to reach farther. I feel like we’ve passed up opportunities simply because we don’t have formal recordings out there. Hopefully this will allow us to reach more ears.”

After the second track 'If You Want Me' picks up the pace a bit more with catchy beats and emotionally-charged lyrics, the increasing intensity is honored with 'Promises' (track #3). As one of our personal favorites to hear Lord Vox play live, due to it’s heavy vibe and stunning ability to deliver goosebumps no matter how many times you hear it, we are pleased to say it is especially sensational via the spoils of a quality recording-- blasting through your very own speakers. This holds true in the next portion of this digital daydream, 'I Should Know' (track #4) which is a truly tranquil treasure that makes you feel light enough to float.

“Some of these songs are 15+ yrs old and have gone through many iterations. Its beautiful to finally have them see the light.” Explains Nahum.

In their typical bewitching fashion, these tunes are absolutely the ones we know and love. There’s definitely some extra spunk and noticeable variations that set these recordings apart from what we have heard from them before, making them a special streaming pleasure, but they remain true to the way they are played live for the most part. This may be due to the fact that during the production process, the band recorded all songs in the live room, and they only did 3 takes on each of them.

Nahum told The Hard Chew that this reminded him of just how well the group plays together and said that this was actually his favorite part of this process, “It made me realize how solid we are together and the potential we have to record something better in the future with more time in the studio.”

*Fun Fact: the last track on the album ‘Set Us Free’ (track #5) -which is over 10 minutes in length, containing an extensive and entrancing bridge between dance-worthy jamming- was recorded in only 1 take.

As they take the mood of each whimsical tune from soft and euphoric all the way to intense and dramatic, the alluring astral journey that this trio takes you on is one that you’ll not be able to refuse. All in all, we feel that this EP is a spectacular representation of all of the reasons why Lord Vox is quickly becoming such a hot topic of conversation in SLC. Though, we also feel it’s only a dose of what’s to come from this group.

“This EP means a lot to us. People in different cities can now listen to our recordings and share them with others if they’d like. Our music can finally be heard through speakers and headphones in different parts of the world. It is our first sword in the battle, we are warriors of light.” - Nahum

We are absolutely jumping at the chance to stream these unique, mystical psych-rock tunes through multiple media platforms of our choosing, and we highly recommend that you do the same. Let your feet leave the ground as you float through the gloomy, dazzling, haunting vibes of Lord Vox and forget your earthly woes in a lulling musical daze.

You can pre-save the album on Spotify<< & iTunes Apple Music <<

Don’t forget to share it when it drops (this Thursday, March 14th) so you can be the first to let your friends know, and come to the release show to party with us. (8PM @ The Urban Lounge (with special guests: Say Hey & Cupidcome).

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*Special thanks to Nahum for the quotes, and as always, eternal thank yous to the entire band for keeping us sane through the medicine of rock n’ roll. Read our previous article about the band >> >>


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