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Why You Should Donate to Breezeway's Final Album

Nobody likes to see good things end--especially when it comes to killer local bands who cook up jams so good they belong on toast--but when it has to happen, the best we can hope for is that they’ll leave something behind.

The righteous rock n’ roll trio, known as Breezeway, has recently announced that it is the end of the road for them as a group and so they will soon be disbanding.

Being that they are an always lovely treat to experience loud and live, we are very sad to see them go.

BUT, there’s a few things you should know about this recent news and what the members of the group have to say about it, which may soften the blow just a little.

(Pictured: Indiana Sands (Guitar & Voc), Chase McKnight (Bass), Connor Gerson (Drums)

First and foremost, these dudes will not be journeying off the breezy path before recording a last and final album.

Breezeway has been melting ear holes since 2013, when they were just young Lehi-native lads, playing music in the hallway of their high school, which was also called, get this… the breezeway.

Under the influence of bands like Led Zeppelin and My Morning Jacket, these former jazz band students (who originally bonded over a mutual love of The Clash) went on to play shows all around the valley and have since become a local favorite that many of us know and love.

“We just have too many tasty songs to NOT release one last album.” Indiana (Guitar and Vocals) tells us. “We have had a couple people ask where they can hear certain songs that aren’t on our last album and we’ve had to tell them ‘Oh shucks, we don’t have them yet.”

The group has naturally been crafting some solid new tunes for fans to boogie to at shows since their last album, which was recorded 3 years ago. But these particular songs cannot be heard outside of these glorious live shows, as they have not been officially recorded yet.

“We’ve got a pretty tight schedule planned for this recording process… we plan to have it done in about a month and a half.” Connor (Drums) informed us.

We also have on good authority from a special insider that the “tight schedule” is even color-coded.

But before we get into the details of what they have said will be their “stankiest album yet,” we are dying to know… why is Breezeway calling it quits, and will this really be the last we hear from these shredders?

They have been quite mysterious about what’s to come every time we hassle them with these questions, but we are ecstatic to share with you all that Indiana and Connor have officially informed us that they will be starting a NEW project together.

As for what we can expect from the new project’s sound and direction, all we can say is that it will be heavily inspired by some majestic modern psych bands, and we have every faith that it will be worth the wait.

“We wanted to make sure we get the Breezeway sound out before we hit the ground with the new project, so that’s a big reason we’re pushing for this last album.” Connor explained.

So, they have the tasty songs, they have the schedule, and they are ready to record… what are they waiting on?


With the news of this final album, Breezeway also launched a Kickstarter campaign to request help from the fans and local music community to get these groovy songs recorded, and The Hard Chew is of the opinion that anyone and everyone should jump at the chance to back this project. Here’s why:

You get to be a part of local music history.

How often do you get to share a fantastic album with your friends and then say “Yeah, I helped make that happen… no big deal.” Well, if you donate to this drive, you’ll get to say it EVERY TIME you hear about it. And who can really pass up an opportunity like that? That’s like, endless amounts of warm fuzzy feelings.

It MIGHT not happen without you.

While these guys are determined to get this sound on record before they head down a new path, it is still up in the air without the funding. They need your help to make this happen, and there’s only so much time on the clock before the (color-coded) schedule may never see the light of day. Come on guys, it’s COLOR-CODED.

You get swag.

The breeze-boyz are not just asking for your help with supplying dough, they are also promising you something in return. Aside from the surely spectacular album they plan to record, they are giving away some killer swag bags with each varying donation amount.

Starting at a $1 pledge, which will get you a personal ‘Thank You’ letter from the band, moving all the way up to the SUPER MEGA ULTIMATE BREEZEBEAN PACKAGE, which includes: 2 CDs of every Breezeway album + the upcoming album, 2 T-Shirts with a brand spankin' new design, 2 nifty stickers, AND... your name will be mentioned in the 'Special Thanks' on the new album sleeve, along with receiving 4 tickets to the album release show, if you pledge $1,000 or more. BUT it doesn't stop there... "This will also fund the 3 BreezeeBoiz to get matching Breezeway themed tattoos on our buttcheeks. Yeah, you read that right!"

And lastly…

What better way to say ‘Goodbye?’

This is our LAST chance to ensure the ability to listen to/stream these out-of-this-world songs at our every whim and fancy. Once they’re gone… they’re gone.

(excuse us while we grab a tissue)

Seriously, this is it. If we don’t make this happen, some of the blues-bangin’, psychedelic, mind-bending, daze-rock riffage that Breezeway brews could be gone forever.



With a goal of just $3,000 - if 300 people donated $10 each, they’d be set. And if you just can’t spare that change, but you can maybe pledge $5, and you also share this with your friends, who can also pledge $5, and maybe they share it with their friends, who can also pledge a little… well, you see where we’re going with this.

Whether it’s a few dollars or a few more, everything helps, and everything matters. Join the movement before it’s too late! The Kickstarter campaign will be running until Sunday, May 19th, so hop on the train and help Breezeway live on forever through this last and final album.

Donate now. << Be a part of history. And… Stay Breezy, Salt Lake City.

(yeah, we said it.)

Don't forget to follow Breezeway on social media and streaming platforms to stay in the loop with the progress of the album, the release show, and other rockin' news.


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