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Shecock & The Rock Princess - New EP Release

And now, to get in touch with our punk rock roots... we bring you: A Taste of Something Sweet to Put in Your Mouth.

The drool-worthy EP was released just over a week ago by Shecock & The Rock Princess and has all the edgy, rebellious vibes you long for.

Just as a warning: it may change your mind about the color pink.

'Pink Is Punk' kicks off the three-track release and we say it earned it's spot. Not only is it a heavy-hitter, it perfectly embodies this sparkling group of rockers. As they performed the album at Diabolical Records in Salt Lake City last weekend for their release party, each member was glowing with glamour (no, seriously... The Rock Princess had strings of lights wrapped around her legs) and somehow they still managed to kill the grungy tunes like they weren't sporting fashionably high heels. It was quite a sight to see.

"This song was kind of work-shopped previously, then we all fine-tuned it when we recorded for this EP release."

Garret came into the mix when he was looking for a band that would let him cross dress, and then rocked it with being the "awesome fuckin' bass player he is!" shouts The Rock Princess.

"Garret and I played a show, sans drummer, and Matt was in the audience after agreeing to play keyboard with us actually. I asked him right there if he wanted to be our drummer, and he said 'hell yeah!" Sofia explains as we enjoyed some post-show cold ones. Matt (drums) and Sofia (guitar & vocals) actually met some years ago at an air guitar competition, which Sofia won... but Matt's not bitter about it.

Next on the EP is 'Close But No Cigar' and this, this is what really sold us. It starts off with the classically hard-edged, fast-paced sound that we all love this genre for, and leads to the intentionally rough, yelling vocals that send a strong message of mainstream rejection in every way. It only gets better as it really picks up and eventually leads to a quick guitar solo and The Rock Princess sings "And it feels like real life when you can't settle the score. You're so close... but no cigar." It's gritty, grimy, and glorious.

Sofia *responding to our praise*: "We really like this one too. It's one we all worked on together as we started forming the band and we're all pretty happy with it."

After asking (nicely) for news on a full album, Matt assured us that they do have more songs they're working on, and if you go to a live show you'll hear more than just what's on this EP. They also have 2 other concept albums that are in the works for future releases. "We all have ideas and are multi-instrumental so we're excited to start writing more together. 'The Grey' actually came from one of the conversations we all had one day, and that's how a lot of the other songs we're writing are too."

Hold on a moment. Before you move on to the next track, you're going to have to forget what you think you know about modern punk and the people making it. 'The Grey' is everything we love about the punk rock music revolution. It's a perfect example of a song that would make your parents yell "Turn that shit off!", and we mean that in the best way. The punk genre is known for being loud and a bit chaotic, but really, the message behind it all is one of being yourself, not caring what others think, and not conforming to the social norms. "It's really about how some people see things very black and white and want you to choose which one you are or which one you believe. So we feel 'The Grey' is our refusal to be confined to only two options." This is for all of us misfits, freaks, and the ones who "Dare to be different" as The Rock Princess would say.

Short and sweet, like a true punk rock EP should be, A Taste of Something Sweet to Put in Your Mouth is more like A Taste of "Society Can Suck It."

Shecock & The Rock Princess honestly blew us away at their release show, and will be playing some more coming soon. If you would like your socks to remain on your feet, this is probably not the show for you. We will keep you posted on dates, locations, and any ticket info on our SHOWS page.

Download the album here and don't forget to follow, like, and share Shecock & The Rock Princess on social media (links below)


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