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Indigo Waves - "Dark Matter" Video Release

What is better than a recent, full album release from a groovin' local band? A MUSIC VIDEO RELEASE FOR ONE OF THE HOTTEST SONGS FROM THE ALBUM. We are excited to bring you this brand new music video from Provo Indie Rock group - Indigo Waves!

"Dark Matter" is a super-charged, upbeat song with bold lead guitar and a strong drum beat that will get you moving whether you consciously decide to or not. Along with many of the other songs from the album titled 'Traveler' which was released in June of this year, 'Dark Matter' is dripping with energy and has many layers. Each member and instrument is being utilized to their fullest potential, and IT JUST WORKS -- so well that you might be confused about how this is the first time you're hearing this song. How these guys manage to crank the melodies up so high but not sound overindulgent, we may never know. But we are very glad they keep doing it.

The music video for this particular song was filmed in The Little Sahara desert here in Utah. It opens with Alec (vocals) anxiously running through the sand as it seems he is trying to escape the masked "dark matter" figure that was introduced climbing out of a tub in the title scene. He joins the rest of the group as they jam their socks off in the middle of nowhere. The dark matter makes it's way across the vastness and creeps up behind Bryson (on bass) who is knocked over and consumed by it. In the next scene, you'll notice that while the group started out in all white clothing, Bryson is now dressed in black. Next up is Dallin (drums) who is pulled off of his throne by the darkness and dragged to the ground. One by one, each member is overtaken by this creeping monster in some way or another. Matthew is offered an enticing drink, Austin is lured by money, each leading to their demise.

Eventually, each member is crawling out of a black liquid to chase Alec, as he is the only one still free from the darkness. He frantically runs down a hill, stumbling and scrambling, as he desperately tries to escape. In the end, he is not victorious and the group brings him to the "dark" side. Perhaps our favorite part of this entire video is the closing scene, where Alec (looking quite mischievous) is sitting in a tub. The rest of the band gathers around as they place a gas mask, not unlike the one the dark figure was hiding behind, over Alec's head.

The subtle hint at being your own worst enemy is just... glorious. Beautiful."The concept was tied to the theme of addiction -- the toxicity it brings in relationships, and the curiosity of exploring those things that at first... seem ambiguous and exciting, but really are destructive. But it's all up to interpretation in my opinion. It means whatever it means to the person watching/listening." explains Alec.

Our interpretation is that this is a well-done, visually pleasing, thought-provoking, music video that matches the feel of the vibrantly deep song itself perfectly. What's yours?

Also, a special thanks to Indigo Waves for letting us preview the video early so that we can share it with all of you wonderful fans, along with the inside scoop you crave. Don't forget to follow them on social media, check back for information on upcoming shows, and share this brand new video!


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