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LORD VOX - Psychedelic Mystical Rock - SLC

We are pleased to bring you a long overdue review of one of our favorite trios from the mountains of Salt Lake City. If you're looking for a new, lovely, psych-rock sound... prepare yourself. While their songs flow so smoothly, they somehow leave you shivering. Dark, dreamy, haunting... Lord Vox is one of a kind.

Beautiful Mountain - the first track on their Soundcloud -- is a great introduction to their soft yet dramatic style. The echoing vocals and silky guitar complement each other as they pull you into a calm and cold state with their chilling sound. The lyrics seem to tell the story of someone who is lost in the throes of love and only knows one thing... they want them to stay. As he sings to the "beautiful mountain" of his soul, you can feel a sort of somber intensity that is oh so easy to get lost in.

While it's hard to choose a favorite Lord Vox track, Promises is on repeat around here. The song in it's entirety is simple and unique but will sweep you off your feet. Close to two minutes in, singer and lead guitarist Nahum starts to belt out some "Ahhs" that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand straight up. The intensity is absolutely stunning. It lets up a bit as the first verse is repeated, and then around four minutes in, we're blessed again with this powerful emotion. You can listen for yourself here - if you get goosebumps now, just wait until you hear it live.

One of our most favorite things about this wonderful group is how often they play! Almost every weekend and even during the week you can catch them live somewhere around here and you will not regret it. Their next show is this coming Wednesday at Twilite Lounge, followed shortly after by one at The Loading Dock on Friday. Of course, they come dressed in all black which reflects the dark vibes of their wonderful sound and sets the mood perfectly.

After stumbling into Lord Vox last November and falling in love with their deep, intense sound that simulates something of a trance, we have learned to catch them every chance we get. Check below for their upcoming shows, follow them on social media, and don't miss the LORD VOX experience. You know we will be posting updates about the band so be sure to check back to follow their journey.


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