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Meet Lovely Noughts (SLC)

Band Members: Aidan Triantafillou (Guitar & Vocals), Jake Taylor (Bass & Vocals), Ruben Abeyta (Drums)

I am very excited to share with you all my first local band post! The members of Lovely Noughts are from various areas around the valley but are playing in our very own Salt Lake City these days for the most part, and they are pretty fantastic. They have become one of my favorite new artists to throw on during the work day to keep me going. Be warned - you might not be able to keep from moving along to their groovy music, so if you are opposed to bobbing your head and dancing in public, maybe wait until you're alone to try them out. Their sound is sort of like a mix of a number of my favorite classic rock bands and artists, though their creativity still sets them apart and gives them a unique twist. I'd have to say that my personal favorite track right now is 'Bad Dream' which is from their recently released album.

So, who are Lovely Noughts (aside from a rockin' group of guys) and how did they come together? In the beginning, Aidan was mostly roaming around Salt Lake but had made his way out to Utah County to play with some buddies and ended up befriending Jake. The two would jam together from time to time with various drummers and friends. Aidan had always wanted to put a three-piece together and thought that Jake would be a great member of the trio, but he and Jake did not have a consistent drummer yet. In early 2016 they got a hold of Aiden's longtime friend and jam-buddy, Ruben, who officially joined on, and thus Lovely Noughts was born.

They started playing together in Ruben's basement and each brought some older ideas and song beginnings from other projects, as well as some new ones. By May, they had enough songs put together and cleaned up to play their first show together at Kilby Court. They made pretty good friends with the booking girl at Kilby and started playing there around once a month. In August, they were approached by a friend who wanted to record them (for FREE!) so they of course jumped at the opportunity.

They released their first self-titled 11 track album in February of this year and kicked it off with a show at Kilby Court (of course, where else?!) on February 24th. I am sad that I didn't stumble upon them until after their show, but it looks like it was a great one. There are some pictures and videos on their Facebook and YouTube if you want to check it out. I almost forgot to mention, these guys are just as enjoyable to watch as they are to listen to! You can tell that they love what they do and enjoy their music as much as us fans.

I was able to get a hold of Jake (bassist) for the backstory on the formation of Lovely Noughts, and he was kind enough to answer some other questions for me as well. What inspires the members of the band as individuals and together to create this awesome music? "We are inspired by everything, really. Cheesy, I know. We love early rock n' roll bands from the 60's-70's like The Beatles, Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, early Fleetwood Mac... there are way too many to name, but those are a few. We are inspired by life, love, death, relationships, and our passion."

What are their plans for the future and what can we expect as far as shows and more album releases? "Like most artists, we want to be able to do this full time some day so we are going to keep moving forward with it as long as we can. We'd like to get more local shows booked and hopefully tour around soon. We are still figuring out how all of this works. We hope to start working on an EP this summer which we would try to release by the end of this year. We have some songs ready but we're just holding onto them for now."

What are these cool guys up to when they are not pumping out great tunes to please our ears? "We all grew up skateboarding and enjoy doing that when we have time. We really like playing house shows and partying/drinking." I would expect nothing less from a group of rock n' rollers.

Jake was very sweet to give me all of this information so that I can share it with you (Thanks, Jake!) and seemed to be an all-around awesome guy. As an up and coming band, the best thing you can do to help Lovely Noughts get their name out there is share, share, share! If you are looking for a good show, or you want to book the band they would love for you to reach out (lovelynoughts@gmailcom). And... don't miss out on their FREE show at Urban Lounge on April 10th. I hope this is enough to get you as excited about them as I am. But if it is not, please head to the links below to find their music, info, and upcoming shows. Hell, do it either way! (Check back for updates on this awesome trio)


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