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Lover of Art  / Music Fanatic  / Aliens /  Dog Mom / Freak of Nature

In November of 2017, The Hard Chew was born from passion, appreciation for art, and one broken ankle. Couch-ridden and unable to go and escape from the world by losing all worries in the depths of a crowd, I became obsessed with finding articles, interviews, and anything else that would make me feel like I was still a part of the beautiful music community. After overwhelming my best friend with information I had learned about my favorite artists, he suggested that maybe I should put my writing skills to use and produce my own articles. So, here we are. 

As we browsed the media for more info on our favorite local and touring artists, we noticed that there seems to be a missing link between artists and fans. Unless you have a label, a manager, and a PR crew, there is not a lot of solid information that can be found online about some incredibly talented artists. Our mission is to become that link and flood the music scene with talented artists and enthusiastic fans.

So, if you have some art to share, send us an email. Tell us your mission. Let us help you shout it. Send us your demos, send us your show dates, send us your stories. 


And if you're a fan, hop on the train. We will keep you connected to your favorite artists and help you discover new ones. 

*Oh.. size Small, if anyone wants to throw me a free tshirt. 

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